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New: Four new variants of Break-Out and Trace Adapters for AURIX™ 2nd Generation

The new adapters support the TC3X4 (PG-LQFP-144) and TC3X5 (PG-LQFP-176) AURIXtm 2nd generation microcontroller family members. All adapters host a TC3X7 AURIXtm emulation device and connect to the desired footprint on the target board.

As with all variants of Hitex Break-Out and Trace Adapters, the new adapters also support the Aurora Gigabit Trace (AGBT) interface and second DAP interface (DAPE).

Trace Adapters are designed to be as small as possible for seamless integration into an existing design, while the Break-Out Adapter offers full additional I/O access of the TC3X7 on pinheaders.

  • Adapter is connected to target hardware
  • Detailed trace information available
  • Access to the IO pins with the Breakout Adapter
  • AURIX™ 1st Generation: LQFP144, LQFP176, BGA292, BGA515
  • AURIX™ 2nd Generation with additional DAPE interface: LQFP144, LQFP176, BGA292, BGA516

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