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The AURIX is one of the most powerful and sophisticated microcontrollers in existence and contains many leading edge features, safety credentials of the device, plus the most commonly used peripherals. However it can still be used and understood by those just armed with a few basic facts and this AURIX Guide is intended to set these out in simple terms.

The AURIX Guide is intended to be a basic introduction to the Infineon AURIX 32-bit, multicore microcontroller for those working in general embedded systems development. The TC275 in the 176LQFP package is used as a basis.

We hope you find our AURIX Guide interesting and stimulating and wish you a successful AURIX project. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ask also for support with tools, software components, safety libraries and consulting and training and development support for hardware and software: Hitex is an AURIX Preferred Design House!

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