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SAFERTOS is the ideal choice for developers. Available pre-certified by TÜV SÜD to IEC 61508 SIL 3 for industrial and ISO 26262 ASIL D for automotive applications. SAFERTOS is also widely used within the medical domain supporting certification to IEC 62304 and FDA 510(k) medical device submissions. SAFERTOS includes features supporting the development of safety critical products such as Task Isolation and Separation functionality and intrinsic self-verification routines. With an imperceptible boot time, SAFERTOS is an ideal choice in systems that need to protect users and equipment from hazards quickly after a power on or brown out event.

In a multicore environment, SAFERTOS is typically used on cores implementing safety critical functionality, or on cores providing monitoring/verification of the primary function. Due to its high safety classification, SAFERTOS can safely be used on both primary and monitoring cores, removing the need to use differential software. SAFERTOS can quickly and effectively bring the system up, configure the safety partitions and execute critical safety functionality before enabling other cores/processors that could run non-critical applications.

SAFERTOS Whitepaper Today many safety critical systems also have to support rich graphical interfaces, communications, diagnostics, data storage and much more. System designers are now faced with the challenge of providing safety and functionality as part of the same system. The whitepaper “Embedded Architectures Supporting Mixed Safety Integrity Software” discusses in detail partitioning techniques used in mixed safety level embedded systems.

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