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Vibration Analysis for Remote Condition Monitoring

XMC Arm Cortex Digital Knowledge

The collaborative team of experts from Arm, EBV, Infineon and Hitex will give you a real-world insight into how this was achieved.

Vibration Analysis for Remote Condition Monitoring (VA-RCM) for train doors

  • Get familiar with every part of the development process
  • Remote detection of train door failures before they occur
  • End-to-end IoT solution with condition monitoring system
  • Prediction of required maintenance
  • Reduction of the downtime of each train.

We have compiled the presentations of the Digital Arm Knowledge Lab for you to download: All presentations as PDF files and those as video recordings to read or watch again:


    • Project introduction & machine learning
    • Arm architcture and tools
    • Software quality and test & HIL testing
    • Project summary & XMC Preferred Design House

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