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After registering you will have access to 24 hours of Arm Cortex-M content.
The recordings are based on a webinar series held by Trevor Martin, who is the resident Hitex Arm guru, based in the UK. The videos cover all aspects of application development for Cortex-M based microcontrollers.

Learn how to get the most out of Arm Cortex-M with this comprehensive webinar series. This detailed level of information will take your knowledge to a truly professional level. While content is free for now, it will not stay that way forever!

Once you have registered you will have access to over 24 hours of Arm Cortex-M content.

Here you can find a preview of the contained content:
(Each part consists of 4 individual videos of ~45 minutes)

Part 1: Cortex-M knowledge in compact form
- Introduction & architecture
- Interrupts, exeptions and memory protection unit
- Software interface standard (CMSIS)
- Debug support

Part 2: Using a real time operating system
- First steps with an RTOS
- Threads
- Inter-thread communications
- Design techniques

Part 3: Middleware with Cortex-M
- Middleware overview and file system
- Networking component
- USB component
- GUI component

Part 4: Designing secure IoT devices with Cortex-M33
- IoT threats and mitigation
- The Cortex-M33 processor and TrustZone
- Creating a TrustZone program
- Platform Security Architecture and Trusted Firmware

Part 5: Secure communication for Arm microcontrollers
- Security services
- Public key cryptography
- Transport layer security
- IoT protocols

Part 6: Experts Guide
- Software architecture
- Customising the debugger
- Software packs
- Looking to the future

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