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Unit Test Services: Pilot project at a fixed price of 1.495 €

Even in non-safety-critical applications, software errors can have serious consequences. In the worst case, system crashes, security gaps, liability claims, expensive recalls and angry customers can put a company in dire straits. Eliminate errors before they cause damage! Our unit test services will help you do this.

You would like to test our Unit Test Services on a small scale first?

Our pilot project is available for a fixed price of 1.495 € (plus VAT):

You will learn how the Unit Test Service works and what results you will get. With this you can calculate the benefit for a complete project.

You deliver to us
a module with approx. 5 C functions or a C++ class of medium complexity with up to 500 lines of code with all necessary header files, also with specification, if desired (However, the specification is not a condition). Of course, your software is safe with us and is used exclusively for testing and will then be deleted. If required, you can also conclude our NDA.

We perform the tests as PC simulation with the GNU compiler.

You receive from us

  • Test specification
  • Test database
  • Test Report
  • Test summary
  • Code review
  • Review Documents

If you have any questions about our pilot project, please do not hesitate to contact us for an email inquiry.
You can find the PDF as a template for an NDA here.

Yes, the offer convinces me. I would like to order the pilot project for 1.495 € (plus VAT).

* You can view our General Conditions for Sale and Supply here

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