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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wireless connectivity development with Infineon XMC4800 Relax kit

Whether you are working in medical, industrial, IoT or other industries, you’ll benefit from the robust, secure and extremely comprehensive wireless stacks that Clarinox provides. The wireless stacks enable building of state of art Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products on either standard or a custom hardware. The products are complimented by innovative debug and protocol analysis tool ClariFi.  Thanks to the powerful Lua scripting interface provided with ClariFi, besides of spotting hard to find sporadic problems easily,  automated testing for development, conformance testing, manufacturing quality management would not bother the development teams anymore:

Thursday, Nov 14th, 2019 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM CEST

This webinar will demonstrate how to use Infineon XMC4800 Relax kit with Clarinox Joeyduino Shield Wireless Module together as a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth IoT Gateway that provides a vital connectivity link between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices and cloud-based applications.

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